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Will My Skin Tag Keep Growing?

Skin-Tag-Keep-GrowingDiscovering that you have a skin tag, or tags, can be an embarrassing thing. They like to grow in the folds of skin like the armpits and the neck and are commonly found on newborns, the obese and the elderly. They are harmless lumps of soft flesh that look worse than they are. They are often extremely small, growing no larger than 3mm in diameter. Some people question if their skin tag will keep growing if left alone. Sometimes they can grow a bit long and they are more noticeable when moving this way as it feels like they are swaying as we walk.

Rest assured though, that if left alone your skin tag is not going to grow long enough for you to make a necklace out of it.

While they do indeed grow their growth is limited. They start growing under the skin and to bit that sticks out that we all see is mostly dead. The skin is soft, but that does not mean there are cells inside that are constantly multiplying for the tag to get longer. This is why they are mostly short or stick out less then 5mm.

It is incorrect to say that they don’t grow. Of course they do. That’s how we see them. But it is correct to say that they will not grow for eternity. You do not need to ‘trim’ them down to keep them manageable. A lot of people may feel that their skin tag keeps growing because even after you remove them, no matter the method, there is the possibility that they will grow back. Some will even grow in the same spot. That is just how the skin works. Think of your cuticles. You cut them off on a possibly regular basis. That doesn’t mean they will never grow back. Our skin is always growing and replacing itself or recovering from wounds. Skin tags are still a part of that system and will grow back.

There are some methods of removal that are slightly more effective than others. Using a liquid nitrogen-based product to freeze and kill the nerves at the base of the skin tag can sometimes damage surrounding skin. This will reduce the likelihood of another skin tag growing in the same spot, even if you manage to keep the surrounding area safe.

Using herbal creams and oils can sometimes be more effective as well because it works on the tag from the inside out. By attacking the cells at the root you have a better chance of the tags not growing back. But that might just mean they have moved on to a different area.

It is impossible to stop skin tags from growing completely. If you are prone to skin tags this may just need to be something you come to terms with. If you are overly concerned about the amount or the frequency of growth it is in your best interests to meet with your doctor and possibly a dermatologist. It is possible that you have a different skin condition that needs to be addressed in a different manner. Otherwise, you are free to remove the skin tags on your own using methods like those at Safe Skin Tag

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